Harley Bear

Date of Birth – Unknown

Place of birth – Twickenham Stoop

Height – Not quite as tall as Chris Robshaw but catching up

Weight – Rather not say - a few too many Jolly Hogs! 

Proudest moment in a Harlequins shirt? Seeing the team win the Aviva Premiership in 2012!

Harley likes to show his support in a ‘grown-up’ way. He is most likely to start an ordered clapping rhythm to show his support and love for the team. Harley loves great rugby and is dedicated to the players and winning every match.

Known for:

  • Encouraging the crowd to support and clap the players
  • Celebrating every point and the success of the team
  • Loves his rugby, so mimics the players
  • Wanting to throw a ball around
  • Posing for photographs with his fans
  • Telling his little brother off
  • Politely clapping an away-team point

Most likely to be seen:

  • Banging the perimeter boards to drum up support

Charley Bear

Date of birth - Unknown

Place of birth – Twickenham Stoop

Height – Taller than Danny Care

Weight – Not as much as Joe Marler

Proudest moment in a Harlequins shirt? Hitting Sarrie the Camel square in the face with a snowball at Allianz Park last season!

Charley is the naughty younger brother. He is always up for some fun. A cheeky chappy who prefers to lark around and show his support by finding the fun in every situation. He is more likely to be seen dancing than walking and is passionate about Harlequins. That passion overflows in the way he celebrates points.

Known for:

  • Causing mischief
  • Playing practical jokes on his brother
  • Photo bombing a picture
  • Giggling
  • Taking on a challenge
  • Fits of crying and despair at away team points – immediately followed by attempts to lift the home crowd
  • Wild celebrations when Quins score.

Most likely to be seen:

  • Taking the mickey out of the opposing teams’ mascot.